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The River Plaza section of Middletown Township in Monmouth County, NJ dates back to the early 1900s as crossroads community formed around 2 old paths, the road to Nut Swamp and the“back road” from Red Bank to Holmdel, today’s West Front Street. It is named for its location between the Swimming River and Quigley’s Creek (now Shadow Lake).


In 1926, a group of concerned River Plaza residents came together to form a volunteer fire company in order to provide for more local fire protection, since Red Bank provided most of this service at this time for the surrounding areas. The following residents were the primary organizers: John Brower, T. Russell Clark, Bert M. Decker and Addison Sanborn. Addison Sanborn drew up papers of incorporation and the company was formally incorporated onDecember 8, 1927.

Charter members included: Charles Ashmore, George Kaney, John Brower, William Kaney, Charles Brenker, John Kaney,. T Russell Clark, Henry Kessler, Albert Conover, Hans Kessler, Garwood Dube, John McClain, Fred Dietz, George Palmer, Peter DeMidowitz, Henry Paasch, John Fowler, William Paasch, William H. Hewitt, William Stobo, Milton Howard, Earl Stout,William Hoffmayer, Edward Scattergood, and Norman Scattergood.

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