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station 5

      East Keansburg Fire Company founded in 1922, Is an Engine company that has a primary and secondary engine but also has a brush truck. Our response area ranges from North Middletown to Port Monmouth, We are also often called mutual aid to Keansburg. In our territory we have residential structures, commercial structures as well as large areas of crow weeds . Some features of our arsenal are our brush truck , Our water rescue equipment and our efforts and want to specialize in RIT (Rapid Intervention Team). We respond to about 300 calls per year and have two drills a month. The East Keansburg Fire Company is made up of both new and veteran members, most of them being construction workers. All the members of East Keansburg Fire Company have a great drive to serve and protect their community. There are a couple other ways for firefighters at East Keansburg Fire Company to get involved such as joining a committee, two examples would be the fundraising committee and the uniform committee (Uniforms, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc.). At times when the firefighters at East Keansburg Fire Company are not answering calls you can find them hanging out at the building either playing 8 ball pool, or having a fire in the backyard. The East Keansburg Fire Company is very fortunate to have a dedicated group of firefighters that work hard as a team both on and off the fire scene. 

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