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Brevent park & Leonardo 

station 2

On October 16th, 1903 a noble group of volunteers vowed to dedicate their time and effort to establish the 2nd fire company in the township of Middletown.  From 1903 to present, the members of Brevent Park and Leonardo Fire Company have created an environment that embodies a sense of comradery and trust. The 39 active members, 11 life members, and 21 associate members work tirelessly to maintain equipment and practice their skills.  The members of Station 2 take great pride in performing efficiently and safely to serve and protect the community. 

    Brevent Park and Leonardo Fire Company is also the first, and only company in Middletown to start a marine division.  Station 2 is equipped with a 27 ft Boston Whaler, which allows the members to perform water rescues and assist boaters to safety in the event of an emergency. 

    The “Screamin’ Eagles” respond to an average of 150-200 fire calls each year and 20-25 boat calls throughout the season with endless dedication to their community.

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